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There is something about super busy holiday times that make strive. I love the planning and prepping. Last weekend start our Halloween and Fall festivities. These next two week are filled with them. But yea all that stuff is fun but we still have are ordinary days. My daughter still going to school. My husband and I still work. The critters still want fed. I am excited though today marked some things off my checklist.

So I am homeroom mom at my daughters school. Tied up the loose ends for fall festival next week. As this homeroom we are in charge of games. It was super easy to find games that were cute and full of holiday spirit with Amazon and had them in two days. Also ordered their sweet treat for Halloween party from GiGi Cupcakes. Their Boo boxes are the cutest mini cupcakes. Below are a couple of games to check out we found.

I haven't really went into me being a BOSS. Lol. Yea I am Boss at home but also have two dental offices to take care of. I graduated from WVU Dental School in 2005 and been doing it ever since. With this crazy world and time it definitely has not made the job any easier. People just seem general unhappy and irritated. It helps when you have a good team gets you through the days for sure. Another nice plus to being my own boss I can take off for those important mom and wife jobs when needed.

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