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Sliding into church on two wheels….

Well today was absolutely nonstop! Got up late and got behind leaving the house. FORGOT my coffee. YES you read that right forgot my coffee! Had to take a swerving stop at Starbucks for fuel on way to office. In mean time three calls and texts from husband about Reagans clothes, etc.

The work day was pretty good consider everyone seems to have CoVid 🤪🤪🤪. I worked an hour over this evening to accommodate a patient. BUT hey I’m thankful I have patients! ❤️ I did get to miss tacos with my two faves……but it turned into daddy daughter date night! They did have to send me a picture of me missing out on the cheese dip. It was a punch to the gut but at least it didn’t stick to my hips🤪🤪🤪. (It’s late). I made it to church ten minutes late after hitting every stop light! Then I walked right past the communion cups but I had my coffee! Bc I forgot to mention that stop again through Starbucks (dinner)!

After getting home late! I was informed of missing book bag and lunch box. Apparently some other kid took her by mistake. (That’s my version hers is it was stolen). I’m sure it will show up tomorrow at school. Anyhow vitamins, bedtime story and then a shower for myself which was lovely…..I look back on the day and think how thankful I am for this life I have been given! Crazy makes it exciting….busy people get more done! Anxious for what tomorrow holds!

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