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The after Christmas emotions

Well Christmas was fabulous! It’s amazing how you have so much Christmas spirit and then after Christmas day you kind of wanna clean up. But then you’re also a little sad that it’s all over and wish she had a little bit more time to do more stuff with your kid/kids. Than you begin to think wow that’s one less Christmas you’ll have with your young child! Have you been there? it’s crazy how my mind works I’m already starting to take down some of the true Christmas decorations or Santa decorations. I’m leaving a little bit of the winters stuff up going to add some Valentine’s Day decorations with it.

Another thought that goes through my mind is clean, organize, straighten up. Then you start thinking about New Year’s… it’s a brand new year. What am I going to do better this year….stay more organized, better myself etc.

My daughter wants to change your room a little bit this year it’s basically been the same for six years. I did her nursery pretty neutral so it has worked. Now she wants to add her personal touches and likes. Looking forward to accomplish this soon.

My daughter is starting a new endeavor in January she wants to do gymnastics and tumbling. Santa conveniently brought her some gymnastic bars and a mat! She’s super excited about giving it a go! See my link for an extremely sturdy gymnastic bar and huge mat. It is just perfect! It even comes with a swing attachment especially if you have younger little kids!

Since my daughter turns six in December I’m going to try to do a little bit more for myself this year. I feel like she’s a little bit more self-sufficient and she’s in school full-time as a kindergartener.

Starting in January I’m going to start some red light therapy. I’m excited for it it helps with the blord circulation as well as they say weight loss. Personally it’ll be nice to lay in a bed under a warm light for just 15 minutes and relax.

I have been searching Amazon and target sites looking for new Valentine day ideas! I also think this year I’m going to decorate a little bit for winter. I laugh as I say that because I live in Savannah, Georgia!

If you don’t know about me yet I’m also a general dentist with two full-time offices. That does keep me busy and looking forward to a great year with that! But I super excited to share The upcoming year with you!

A toast to this wonderful life! Angie

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