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What’s your morning go too…

So I’m not one of those people completely hooked on one things. There are so many good products out there. Some brands excel in certain ones. I have tried a lot of stuff over the years. I almost have it down to a science for a working momma 🤪🤪.

When I first wake up before I fully step out of bed a have sitting on my night stand in a shaker bottle Early Bird Mimosa. It’s supper tasty and gives me great energy! This may be dating me a little bit kinda like Tang? 🙈🙈🤷🏻‍♀️

By this time the Boys (dogs and cat) are starving and need immediate attention to prevent waking up the rest of the house….and make sure I have time to do my thing before everyone else gets up. But why I’m waiting for them to come back inside I think about coffee. I go with Skinny Brew. Hot or iced yummy…….fat burning. Perfect! While I’m waiting on Keurig I gently sip down my collagen! This collagen is amazing but the taste is so good. It’s like Apricot juice to me Or sweet tart! 🥰. I have tried tons of collagens in all kinds of shapes. This by far checks all the boxes. See the links below to not miss out!

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